Hello Particle Sales...Anyone Home?


I’m wondering about the whereabouts of the Particle sales team or maybe anti sales team?
I have tried contacting them over 4 times in the last 4 months.
I never get a reply??!!?!
After running a pilot with particle P1 for a year, we are soon to decide on our IOT platform for 20,000 plus units.
Is anyone actually working in sales@particle?


How/where have you tried contacting them? Did you use the same email address as you’re using in the community? Knowing which email address you used might help track it down.
I’ll relay the request to the team to see if they can check in. (Mind you that it’s the weekend now, so you might have to wait until monday for a reply).

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I have been using the sales contact box on the main particle site
I get a confirmation email informing me the sales team will be in contact.

Strange business model
In my company if the sales team don’t follow up leads they soon get shown the door

I’m starting to wonder if particle is a hobby platform.
My first experience of the 3rd gen platform is awful. IOT fundamentals like staying connected to the cloud is not even their yet.
Shame because i love the concepts and product ideas. I see no way this platform can be deployed to customers for a long time.
It’s got a load of growing up to do before it can justify its licensing model


Since I don’t know what happened to your mail, I can’t say for sure what happened. I do know they’re usually very prompt to reply to mails, so I suspect something has gone amiss unintentionally.

It’s both actually. Particle is used by large enterprises, while still being open to hobbyist, not something many companies do.

Agreed, the 3rd Gen isn’t where it should be quite yet, but it should be maturing quickly. Quite a few vital improvements have been made since its release, and more are to follow. For that reason, both product support in the console, as well as High Availability networks aren’t available yet. Both of those are required for enterprise solutions, which is why they should arrive once the 3rd gen is stable enough.

I hope by platform you mean the 3rd gen devices for the time being, since the 2nd gen is perfectly capable of being deployed en mass, as many companies have done before and are continuing to do so. They will continue to co-exist with 3rd gen products for the foreseeable future, and no current plans exists to EOL them.

(Just for clarity, I don’t work for Particle, so this isn’t anything official I’m saying here)

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I would love to hear what your building if you can share.

EV Chargepoints for a big car manufacture
The give away in in my forum name:grinning:


Very Nice!

The 2nd generation Particle Products are for sure ready for prime time and are very stable at this point so please do stick with them as you expand. @will will get you taken care of.


Hi there — Jordy has posted on our internal (Slack) comms system about this… Coincidentally, I have received two support tickets in just the last day or so about folks not hearing back from the sales team, and am wondering if something is broken in the sales lead notification system. I brought this up on the sales Slack channel just now.

At any rate, hopefully someone will be in contact with you on Monday at the latest.


Thanks for the compliments
We have piloted with the 2nd Gen P1’s which are great!
However we really need for scale the 3rd Gen units for the following reasons

Larger memory footprint

I so want this 3rd Gen platform to work out for Particles. It’s a great solution on paper


This has also been an issue for us too. Can we be followed up with as well? We are getting ready for production and need to project costs for scale, and the possibility of ordering 4G Electrons.

Hi All,

I’m really sorry to hear that our contact sales form hasn’t been consistently delivering emails! We’re looking into this, but feel free to ping me, @Dave on the forums if you haven’t heard from someone on the sales team promptly. The forums should notify me quickly and I can pass that along to the sales team as well.