I cannot get a response back from Enterprise/Wholesale - How to contact?


I need to get in touch with both Enterprise Sales as well as Wholesale. We are an OEM and have developed and specified Particle devices. All was great development wise up to the point we tried to reach out to sales through their only method of contact we could find which seems to be a web form.

We even spoke on a conference call recently with a representative from Particle that was going to have a contact reach out to us. They have also gone dark and no contact ever reached out via phone or email.

I am missing something here? A directory or regional sales contact or address??? This is crazy.

We need to make a fast purchase of roughly 300+ devices and then arrange for future higher volume purchases for the next batch order. However I cannot get a call back, or even an email from anyone.

Can someone from Particle please respond to this as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Any assistance from anyone in the community or Particle themselves would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mark,

Sorry for the troubles. I’ve reached out to my internal teams to better understand what might have happened here. Would you mind to direct message me the name of your Particle contact that you spoke with?



Hey @mcla. Hopefully support gets you sorted out.

However, as someone who uses both my Enterprise contract as well as Wholesale, I will tell you that for anything fast and not already in a contract, you should just order directly from the Wholesale store, which should be quick/easy to sign up for (though it’s been a while so I apologize if I’m missing something).

An Enterprise agreement will require a contract which is going to take some more time to get in order.


Hey @justicefreed_amper. Thanks for chiming in. We were able to get Mark into contact with our sales team very shortly after this post. :slight_smile: The insight is much appreciated.

We’ll take a look at our systems and see what happened here and work to make sure this doesn’t happen to others. But we’re always here and listening should something come up. :slight_smile:

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