Photons shipped?

Hi Steph,
If I place an order today, will it be shipped this month or will I have to wait for a new batch to be produced?
I ask this as I need a couple photons before juli.
Thanks for all your efforts :smile:

@Steph, Most of this discussion would evaporate with the ability to look up order status online and a system that required an explanation be entered whenever projected ship date is changed, and automatically communicated that to the customer. Nothing revolutionary there. Its an off the shelf solution.

No need for long car rides with @Moors7 or compromises between resources for development vs. customer relations. Its not binary, its synergistic. After the venture funds run out you don’t get the former without the latter. :smile:

While I’m waiting for my May now June Photons, I’ve been purchasing Cores, which work just fine and are off the shelf (Plug for Particle revenue here :wink:) Anyone in a rush could do the same.

I think bitch session is perfectly reasonable at times, though I am sure others disagree. I just hope like hell these get here soon.

@Bendrix, good points there and we’ve definitely learned from this for future products. Since we first took pre-orders for the Core a few different things have continued to come on the market to help with pre-orders but none are quite perfect and we’ll continue to keep our eyes open for the right solutions! And thanks for the plug on the Cores!

@Wildfire It depends a bit on what you order but in the interest of setting expectations that we think we can beat - let’s say that you would get them by mid-July. (hopefully a date we will beat by a bunch!)

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Just ordered two, for shipping in June.
Very excited


Hello everyone!

I’m going to echo what @Steph has said before a little bit. We are all working super hard to make sure everyone gets their Photons as quickly as possible. There are a multitude of variables that are in play to determine when they got shipped and trust me on this one, as soon as we’re getting them from the manufacturer, we’re sending them out to all of you. I am working on replying to every email that comes in through sales, hello, Olark Chat, and tech support, so with some help from the team, we’re working on getting back to everyone as quickly as possible, so thanks for being as patient as possible with us as we get back to every one of you.

Like @steph has said: “anyone who has received their Photon “out of turn” has received a Photon Kit. Far fewer people ordered those than matchbox Photons so a smaller number of Kits has stretched further than expected.”

It makes me very happy to see the community as happy and excited as you all are with the arrival of the Photon. This kind of passion is wonderful to see and it’s definitely worth the wait!

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No offense, but why should I believe mid-July is realistic? We’ve gone from Feb, to May, to June, to end of June, to mid July. 5 months.

We’ve already started looking at other options and have placed several orders. If the parts get here and we have time to get something developed before the Photons ship, then that’s it for us.

Hey there,

I understand the frustration and I am sorry for all the delays. I would be skeptical as well. But rest assured, we’re receiving thousands of Photons throughout June and into early July so we’re very confident that orders placed now, should definitely be fulfilled by mid July.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help where I can .

Will the Photon be available in the UK from CPC or CoolComponents? I am not in a hurry, just want to know whether to order direct or wait.

I just would like to know if everything is ok with my order… When can I expected if I ordered from the first batch about 3 of them? Just to have a date that if I don’t hear from you I should call and see what happened.

If you want to email into with your order number and you can reference this thread, or explain in there too (since I have a lot of similar questions) I’d be happy to give you a more accurate date for shipping.

I have been checking with Customer Service about once a month since I expected my photon to arrive with the first batch, but everytime the response is “…Did you not get our email about delay sent on SOME DATE? The next batch is expected to ship out +2 WEEKS from now…”. Have I ever seen an automated email on updates on delays? NO

As someone who has been working in the tech industry for many, many years, let me say that I think you guys are doing a great job. I’ve worked at startups, I’ve owned my own companies, and I’ve worked at massive companies that serve hundreds of millions of people.

You guys are bringing life to something that never existed before with nothing more than a small team, a bunch of adrenaline, and too much caffeine. You’re not the first company to see external dependencies beyond your control impact your end customers (and we all know that customers don’t care who in the value chain is causing problems).

Get through this, turn those little bundles of silicon around as quickly as possible, and this will all be a memory before you know it. When it’s over, you’ll have learned a lot, not the least of which is that teams are forged in the fires of conflict, not in the seat of luxury. You’ll emerge smarter, stronger, and with a story to tell.

Keep it up!


More like “It will be 8hours”, then 8hours later, “Another 4hours”, then “another 2 hours” etc.
The schdule didnt exactly hold up.

Is it possible to opt in for the higher current while idle photons to get something to work on ?

Okay, my car-ride comparison might not have been the best... That said, I feel like Particle is always honest about any delays. These guys want to get them out the door as much as we do. Nobody likes delays, and they're no different. They do however have a standard to keep. If they send out faulty or misbehaving products, the problems would've been A LOT bigger than having to wait a bit longer. Personally, I'd rather wait a bit and get something amazing than get it immediately, and struggle due to problems that could've been prevented with a bit of extra attention.
I'm also currently facing a kickstarter delay from another company that has been less than communicative. Contrary to Particle they just don't communicate at all. So believe me when I say I know how annoying it can be. But I honestly do believe Particle is doing everything in their power to get everything done as quickly as possible, while maintaining high quality products.

I think they were never made. I suspect they discovered the faulty part and had to stop production, rather than creating misbehaving products. I could be mistaken though. You could always get a Particle Core. They've been amazing, and still are. It'll allow you to explore the platform, and get you ready for your Photon :smile:

Are the cyber monday photons still on track? I haven’t received a single email update on these (originally slotted for March), and I fear that you’ve forgotten those of us who have taken advantage of the cyber monday deal and only been communicating with preorders.

@Jack I was surprised to see that @christine shut down your latest post requesting regular updates on Photon status. SERIOUSLY!!! @zach, it may be difficult to have customers hammering away on an issue Particle feels has been put behind it, but the customers who don’t have products that were promised them are not going to share that sentiment until they have the product.

Rather than shutting @Jack 's post off, which is… func PRMistake{string, “anit-customer”) -> nonParticle,
he should be encouraged to keep the information flowing until the problem is truly resolved. Truly resolved is when all of us who ordered Photon’s based on promises from Particle, receive those photons.

Just sayin… :wink:

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@Bendrix I think the point of closing the thread was that nothing new was being added to the conversation. As @will pointed out in the @Jack’s thread, they are still planning to stick by the schedule as listed in the update that is currently pinned, so further updates appear unnecessary (at least to me).


I only ask for an update every day, or second day, of a schedule that has passed a week ago. If they could just post the update, then they will not be riddled by many people asking for an update. Just my opinion.

@Bendrix I believe the point of shutting down @Jack’s post was to keep information in one thread in an attempt to maintain some sort of organization. Apologies if that was not communicated well.

We definitely don’t feel as if this is behind us, but we also want to make sure we’re providing detailed and interesting updates when we have full information to update and report on as @mumblepins noted. As mentioned we’ll post another update tomorrow (1 week after initial thread) but it may just say “we’re staying the course” :smile: