Photons shipped?

Nope, I have not. I hope the tracking numbers are issued today. @JohnM88 I am also crossing my fingers…

I’ve received the payment notification for my pre-order (1st batch, ~6000) on Jul 2nd, shipment tracking number on Jul 3rd, and it was finally delivered yesterday (Jul 9th). I was so excited about it that I didn’t wait to try some code before ordering another one :smile:
From the Particle team shipping update post, I had the impression that the no headers (pins) version is faster to ship, so I ordered that one last night and guess what? I received the payment processing notification today. Would the header version order processing be as fast by now? More feedback is welcome, but I think that Particle team got some inventory up by now.

I have 2 shipments that I received and email for with 7/10th “Expected Shipping Date”, but no other email today about tracking number.

Hope they are on their way and no more delays.

Same here. I was charged on 02 July with the same “shipping no later than 10 July”… but no shipment. I live in LA, I was hoping for a surprise at my door… no luck =(

I literally would drive and pick it up this Saturday… but they’re probably actually spending some time with their families >.<

UPS tracking code is working:

Last location:
LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, Wednesday, 07/08/2015

Does anyone have an estimated delivery date on their UPS tracking page?

Just wondering how long it is expected to take to arrive in the UK :smile:

Would you mind reporting back with how long it takes to make it to the UK? I’m still waiting for my 2x photons to ship but It would be nice to know how much of an additional wait I’ll have for them to make it to the UK :slight_smile:

I also had a 7/10 expected shipping date and have received no email update of any kind. Honestly, I’m not surprised.

I have to appreciate the effort to try communicate a shipping, but what good is it if the information is not accurate?

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Yahoo!! My Photon came today!! Now I can finally work on my Spark… I mean Particle watch! Now I just need them to fix the Spark.syncTime(); and I will be all set! And thought all of this my tracking number never worked :confused:, But I am happy I finally got it!! Ordered on Jan 26th received Jul 11th. Thanks Particle!


I received my shipping confirmation on Friday as promised but the UPS codes doesn’t work. Here’s hoping it comes online soon.

It looks like that pig is finally making its way through the python!!!

hoot hoot!

now pray that the USPS doesn’t mess this part up!! :wink:

Still no indication that photons have shipped or will be shipping any time soon… Would anyone from Particle provide some details for those of use who have had cards charged, shipping dates give but missed?

Yes please!

Ordered one Photon with headers (by itself) around 5/25/2015 and received the 7/10 “expected ship date” email. Received email with tracking number late afternoon on 7/10. Received Photon on 7/13, via USPS - from CA to AZ (relatively short distance).

Interesting, surely that means all preorders from December/January are shipped then :smiling_imp:

That is strange. I ordered two Photons with headers on 5/1 and the stated ship date is August. My January order just arrived and so that is a sign that at least some of the Dec/Jan orders are shipping.

Seems the link thats generated in the shipping mail is wrong, when you
click it you get old tracking info, if you enter the shipping number
and click search, you get fresh data :smile:

My orders are from Feb/2015 3Photons with headers, and was changed about 2 weeks ago and no photons yet, what is going on?

I have three photons waiting, only received one email last Tuesday saying it would ship by 7/10. Never received a shipping notice or tracking info for any of them, haven’t received any of them.

I just checked on that, I’ll PM you with more info.