Photons shipped?

That is strange. I ordered two Photons with headers on 5/1 and the stated ship date is August. My January order just arrived and so that is a sign that at least some of the Dec/Jan orders are shipping.

Seems the link thats generated in the shipping mail is wrong, when you
click it you get old tracking info, if you enter the shipping number
and click search, you get fresh data :smile:

My orders are from Feb/2015 3Photons with headers, and was changed about 2 weeks ago and no photons yet, what is going on?

I have three photons waiting, only received one email last Tuesday saying it would ship by 7/10. Never received a shipping notice or tracking info for any of them, haven’t received any of them.

I just checked on that, I’ll PM you with more info.

Consider my expectations to be adequately exceeded. Thanks Particle Man!

So new orders are indeed jumping pre-orders … so should people with preorders waiting to ship place a new order in hope that it will be shipped before ?

@MORA, where is your information mentioned above from?

dyh a few posts up said he ordered in May and got it in July.
Webin just above ordered in March according to his post 8days ago, and just received it.

I ordered July 3rd and just received a tracking number. I expect to receive the package next week.

From what I can tell, they are prioritizing shipments based on what was ordered. I am getting just a single photon with headers. Does your order contain any of the shields that are still being manufactured or imported?

There are no conspiracies; shipments are being fulfilled in the best order possible, and I seriously doubt incompetence has led them to skip orders that could be fulfilled. Putting in a new order now will certainly get your shipment pushed back to mid-late August, but keeping your current order could mean getting it as soon as all the stuff you ordered is in stock… Early August if it involves shields.

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Hopefully, not really any way to prove either way.

My order was shipped last week, 2 days before the 25/5 order above.
So ordering in January means I get the device 2 days earlier than May :smile:

A few posts up there are still reports of waiting for photons, but maybe they have shields too.

Thank you @Webin for jumping in with this comment. And yes, this is exactly correct. We’re prioritizing people who have placed their order first, but at the same time, we’ve had Photons coming off the manufacturing line before shields, so that factors into when everything ships out. Generally we’re trying to get everything out as fast as we can at this point.



This comment confuses me and I am hoping that you can help me understand. I ordered two Photons with headers on 5/1. (Those were the only items on the order. No shields or other components.) The ship date that was stated to me in the last Particle email update was 8/17. Now I hear @webin ordering one unit with headers on 7/3 and getting it immediately.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories either, but judging by this situation, it certainly appears that my pre-order is being handled differently than the new order. Can you clarify this? I am happy to cancel my pre-order and place a new order now if that would make my shipment come faster.

Thank you.

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I still have two header preorders from March without shields in my order that I am not receiving updates on and have not heard back from Christine or about. both were prototyping bundles. if July orders are now being shipped out, that really kinda sucks.

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Hi, all.

@hoxworth All photon orders that do not have shields will ship by August 17th. You should have received an email to this effect last night.

@JL_678 PM me your order number. I’ll do some sleuthing.


Hi @hoxworth - I just looked up your two orders (101762664 and 101617357) and both look that they shipped. Your prototyping bundle order (101762664) was shipped on July 13th and your single Photon with headers order (101617357) was shipped on June 25, so you wouldn’t have received an email updating you on your order since both have been completed.

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For those of us that placed an order that includes both photons and shields, would Particle consider shipping the photons before the shields?

FWIW, I’m also not getting update emails on my second order.

Hey @crowcasso - shipping shields before photons would double each customer’s shipping costs. At this point, there is no way for us to charge and collect for this separate shipping costs. We will definitely consider how to do this for the Electron and any other pre-order products we sell. In regards to your update, a large amount of emails were sent this morning updating individual orders so you might see it in your inbox now.

Hi, everyone. This thread is getting untenably long, so I’m going to close it and make a new one.

Feel free to post there if you have any questions about the shipping process that you think could benefit from community input and visibility.