Particle Matter: Update from Sprint 56

Hey all! Long time no see! We’d like to start up the habit of posting our sprint updates again–please enjoy!


  • Additional documentation for the Asset Tracker was posted to our Docs site


  • v050 was released to our development environments
  • v051, which is a stability patch for v050 that fixes an issue with Electrons locking up, is in peer review stage
  • Development on v060 continued, with a few major features planned
    • New logging framework for the Electron
    • Composite USB Serial support
    • Wireless AP mode
  • New release of Particle Dev with bug fixes was released
  • Particle app for Windows phone released! More details here.


  • Maker Faire is almost here! See you all from May 20-22 in San Mateo! Newsletter with more details forthcoming.
  • Posted a much improved shipping and returns page with updated guidelines
  • Added Bluz DK and Bluz Gateway to the Particle store

that’s great, I enjoyed and still enjoy them!

Note: it would be great to add a link on the particle store on where one can find more info about the Bluz products, so not to have to google for them :smile: