Particle Matter: Update from Sprint 57

Hey Particle friends! Here’s an update from Sprint 57 here at Particle!

This sprint was particularly busy for us since we had the pleasure of hosting our entire global team here in San Francisco for the week leading up to Bay Area Maker Faire.


  • Development work continued on a new revision of the Asset Tracker, which includes a handful of fixes. More details on the new revision can be found here.


  • v0.5.1-rc.1 and v0.5.1-rc.2 which are stability patches for v0.5.0 (current production release) were pushed to production as optional pre-release build targets
  • v060 is in the peer review stage in preparation for pre-release, with a few major features planned
    • New logging framework for the Electron
    • Composite USB Serial support
    • Wireless AP mode


  • We’re super proud to have co-announced our partnership with Twilio to make low-cost cellular IoT development a reality at Twilio’s Signal conference on Tuesday. Read more at the links below!
  • Maker Faire happened! What a wonderful event–thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. It was great to see so many of you in person and to hear about all the cool projects being built. Here’s a quick photo of the booth, in case some of you missed it on our social media!