Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 43

Updates from Sprint 43!

tl;dr Electron Beta in progress, firmware version with bug fixes for Photon released, improvements to community, store, and support incoming!

##Hardware Team

  • Electron beta units shipped and are out in the hands of our courageous beta testers!
  • Approved first release candidate of the hardware design of the Electron (v015) for pre-production manufacturing

Software Team

  • Released firmware v0.4.5. We closed 50 GitHub issues, including tons of bug fixes and the addition of WiFi.scan()!
  • Electron firmware: Beta electrons got connected to the cloud! They’ve started arriving in beta testers’ hands and setup has gone smoothly for everyone so far!
  • Testing and redesigning some mobile SDK features in preparation for iOS 9 and Android M.
  • We’ve made good progress on a feature that will enable the cloud to detect when devices are in safe mode and automatically give the the right firmware updates to get out of it. We hope to release it at the end of sprint 44.
  • Lots of enhancements to the Binary Version Reader as part of the above safe mode healing feature.
  • Lots of progress on back end systems for billing and carrier integration for the Electron.

##Business Team

  • We are currently working to improve the e-commerce / store experience! More details TBA.
  • We are continuing to investiage shipping options, pre-paid duty and taxes, and more.
  • We have some new community features coming out this week, to be announced in the newsletter (including but not limited to Particle Developer Slack!)
  • There are improvements to the Particle support experience discussed and incoming.
  • We’ve made connections with international distributors to improve global access to Photons!

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cool, a lot of little delights too:

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