Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 48


  • Made more power optimization improvements to the Electron–we’re now up to v020!
  • Finished designing v3 of the Solar Panel Shield
  • Received v2 prototypes of all packaging for the Electron


  • Completed a full end to end test of the new web-based setup process for the Electron
  • Device status indicator in Build now breathes magenta to show a device is in safe mode


  • We finally launched our brand new ecommerce store! Launch went great and we’ll be adding to the store, expanding listings, and tweaking design over the next few months.

  • We’re now shipping with USPS and UPS, though we’re continuing to try and find ways to lower our postage costs - stay tuned.

  • Two new members of our team continued with onboarding and are quickly becoming integral to the Particle experience. Welcome again Margaret and Clarissa.

  • We said goodbye (for now) to our beloved and fearless community leader Christine - she has landed an amazing fellowship at Buzzfeed for the year. We cannot wait to see what she builds, and we’re already counting down the days until she returns to Particle.