Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 49


  • The hardware for the Electron was battle tested and submitted for mass production.
  • Submitted all the final versions of packaging for mass production
  • Completed testing on the Asset Tracker PCB
  • Completed testing on the Solar Shield PCB


  • Eighteen metric tonnes of electron firmware, setup app, billing, dashboard, carrier integration, and cloud development
  • In the iOS device setup library, we added a new warning message when a Photon is already claimed but didn’t come back online (#28).
  • We made a pass through all our iOS tooling to make sure (1) that everything works with the latest Xcode and Swift, and (2) that product creators can successfully submit iOS apps to the app store.
  • We added second email input in the user registration form on Build to help prevent typos.


  • Cyber Monday happened and it was awesome. So fun to send out lots of new Photons.
  • The Ops team continued adding new distributors around the world - stay tuned for announcements.
  • Our new Support Portal went live (awesome job @corey!) and is helping to streamline and strengthen our support process.
  • Particle users Make Time Clock, Pura Scents, and Grove Labs, plus Particle Compound RedBear Labs Duo all finished up their successful Kickstarter campaigns! Ario Lighting finishes Friday
  • @clarissa put together a #holidayconnect2015 party in SF to celebrate IoT