Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 50 + 51


  • Designed, tested, and assembled all the test rigs necessary for the production of tens of thousands of Electrons!
  • Kicked off mass production and completed assembly for thousands of Electrons


  • Built and tested more back end services for activating, deactivating, reactivating SIMs
  • Designed and built promo code system for Kickstarter free data stretch goal
  • Added Electron setup to Android app, mobile app updates will be in app stores next sprint
  • Discussions about the best way to help the user understand Electron connection since online/offline does not make sense with UDP
  • Built SIM management and data usage monitoring page in dashboard
  • Tons of CLI work for the Electron
  • IFTTT integration added for Electron
  • Built new email system for all the Electron notifications (payment confirmation, data cap warnings, etc.)
  • Evaluated recent webhooks system issues, fixed some bugs, scaled it up


  • @z and @dan made a quick trip to Vegas for CES and non-stop meetings with partners and companies building amazing things with Particle!
  • We got serious about Electron documentation in a push led by @corey and continuing up-to and past Electron delivery. Wait until you see the pretty new Electron datasheets by @mohit!
  • A number of team members went to visit our Fulfillment warehouse (Rush Order) to take a behind-the-scenes peak at our day to day shipping processes and to continue to strengthen communications.
  • We continued prep for Electron Kickstarter and pre-order delivery by setting up Narvar for shipping, prepping emails and updating customers. More to come this sprint!