Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 44

Updates from Sprint 44!

tl;dr Electron beta going well, firmware 0.4.6 milestone, improvements continue…

Hardware Team

  • Completed all material purchasing for next round of “beta+” hardware units
  • Electron beta program has aided in discovery and exploration of the following issues, helping us improve the user experience of the Electron before shipping:
    • Connection behavior
    • Deep sleep power optimization
    • Fast battery charging
  • First draft of Solar Kit PCB created for testing
  • First drafts of Electron packaging designed and ready for prototyping

Software Team

  • We’ve closed 32 of 33 issues in the firmware v0.4.6 milestone. Here’s a checklist of v0.4.6 items we need to document.
  • An exciting part of v0.4.6 is a beta release of multithreading on the Photon.
  • We have a new cloud feature called “safe mode healer” that will automatically determine what updates a device needs to get out of safe mode into breathing cyan. We are testing it in preparation for deployment next week.
  • Electron setup will mostly web based. The mobile team created proof of concept barcode and credit card scanning demos.
  • Mobile SDKs are ready for Android M and iOS 9.

Business Team

  • Made some big strides in improving the e-commerce experience. More details to be announced in the next 2 weeks!
  • For our international customers, we’re making efforts to provide the best shipping options possible as well as to open relationships with new distribution partners in additional geographies.
  • We are continually ingesting feedback from users of the Device Management Dashboard in order to improve the user experience.
  • Ran a wonderful Particle Interaction with Zach Supalla!
  • New community resources continue to be developed and examined. If you have something you’d like to see, make a topic!
  • Improvements to the support page are being developed and should be released soon!