Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 47

tl;dr Electron prototypes and rewards, compile service improvements, Hackster contest


  • The final version of the Electron (v018) is complete and under review for manufacturing!
  • We completed testing on the Solar Shield v2 and finished modifications for Solar Shield v3.
  • Submitted packaging for second round prototypes–everything is looking really great!
  • We completed the first version of the asset tracker reward! It is currently in testing.


  • We lifted the v0.4.1 requirement for product firmware released through the organization dashboard thanks to the release of safe mode healer last sprint. Now product creators can compile against any system firmware version.
  • We’re actively adding more platforms to our compile service! Now you can write code for bluz using Build or Dev. If you make different development hardware that connects to the Particle cloud and you want your users to be able to compile code in our IDEs or using our CLI, get in touch!
  • The compile service also got an infrastructure upgrade. A compile job timing out is now extremely rare.
  • We added geolocation to electron setup flow to help determine correct pricing with fewer clicks.
  • Several improvements to Build. A couple to highlight: Now when renaming a device, the cursor and field don’t jump all over the place. Device online/offline status indicators now update in real time, and we added a refresh button in the device list if you want to force it. Devices generally appear online immediately, and they appear offline within about a minute.


  • We invited people to join the Particle Alliance by submitting ideas for our Star Wars contest with Hackster. A PS4 Star Wars Bundle and HP Laptop are up for grabs for this one!
  • Our new Particle Kickstarter page launched with links to Kickstarter projects that have been built with the Particle platform or are compatible with Particle.
  • We got ready for the launch of our new ecommerce site (which went live thursday!)
  • Adafruit launched their new Particle page. So cool!

I tried this for my problem where Cores which haven’t actually been online for months show as connected and unfortunately the problem persists

e-commerce site not looking good in Safari:

Just for your info. In Safary, I tried a couple of refreshes without luck. I enter the site, navigate to a sub category (Shields and kits to be specific) and it doesn’t look good (it looks yellowish). (See picture)…

PD: What e-commerce platform are you using?

@christine (et al), Thanks for putting together the Kickstarter page. There are some projects I didn’t realize even existed! I think it’s a big testament to the Particle platform to see how it’s being used in such a wide variety of products.

I think it’s Shopify. I viewed the source and searched for “shopify”, and there were 50+ hits for that term. Hopefully a good indicator! :wink:


Thanks for the heads-up @friobo! We’ll take a look at it right now.

@friobo we’re having trouble replicating the issue you’re seeing unless we actively try to highlight the products. After highlighting we’re able to remove the color by clicking. Could you let me know what version of Safari you’re using so we can try to better identify the issue? Thanks!

latest version… tried it today without being able to replicate… so it might well be a fixed bug by now or something I did that was unusual…

Thanks anyway :smile: