Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 46

Updates from Sprint 46!

tl;dr Electron rewards, Safe Mode Healer, Electron browser-based setup.

Hardware Team

  • We finalized the BOM for the Sensor Kit (Electron reward)! We think it’s a great set of sensors and packs a serious punch for the cost.
  • We finished testing the first revision of the Solar Shield (also an Electron reward)
  • We developed a new version of the Electron board itself! (v016)

Software Team

  • We deployed Safe Mode Healer!
  • Product creators will be psyched to know that the release of Safe Mode Healer allows us to lift the v0.4.1 firmware version requirement on dashboard. We’ll do so this week after some testing.
  • In sprint review, we got our first demo of the 100% browser-based Electron setup flow, including credit card entry and verification, SIM card activation, device claiming, and a beautiful UI!
  • Electron beta firmware v0.0.3 was released, including multithreading, battery charge rate control, soft power down via the setup button, and more!
  • You folks really love our compile service! It’s getting very heavy usage lately. We started some discussions of what the roadmap for this service looks like.
  • The product team drew up some wireframes of dashboard pages for Electron data usage and billing, to be discussed and refined during sprint 47.

Business Team

  • Zach made a presentation at LAUNCH to kick off this sprint
  • We made significant progress on improving shipping rates for customers who purchase directly from us (yay!)
  • Started to settle into our new office in Dogpatch in SF
  • You know we love our integrations, so we’ve been continuing to push forward with a few upcoming new ones. Stay tuned!