Particle Matter: Updates from Sprint 45

Updates from Sprint 45!

tl;dr Electron manufacturing strides, fast OTA deployed, new office!

Hardware Team

Software Team

  • We have Fast OTA running on production servers. This has been a huge improvement, showing update speeds up to 10x faster! What used to be the “magenta blinking” state of your OTA user firmware update may now simply appear as one or two magenta flashes due to the speed.
  • Offline compiling in Particle Dev is ready for internal testing.
  • We have safe mode healer ready for deployment early next week. Safe mode healer detects a device in safe mode, and automatically attempts to send updates needed by the running app.

Business Team

  • We’ve made major steps towards our new e-commerce site, which will be launching next week.
  • We made a new Kickstarter update!
  • The Solar Kit has gone down in price to $129 (2G) / $149 (3G)
  • We are getting close to the launch of a new support portal to make troubleshooting easier.
  • We moved to a new HQ office in San Francisco! We’re in the Dogpatch now. For further comments on this, check out last week’s Particle Interactions with Will Hart.