ANNOUNCEMENT: Particle Windows SDK & App are here!

Particle fans,

TL;DR: Windows support is here!
We’re very proud to announce the official Windows Cloud SDK and Device Setup library (alpha) as well as an official Particle Windows Phone Tinker app available to download now from the Windows Store!
Full documention for the two new SDKs is availble.

We have been working hard over the last few months to make sure the SDKs and app are at parity with iOS/Android. On top of that, the new app is a testing ground for some great new features:

An extended device info screen / events stream screen:


Ability to call functions and read variables (also for devices not running Tinker firmware):


To summarize all of Particle’s developer resources for the various mobile platforms we’ve created a new mobile landing page to our main website check it out, read the post regarding community-created submissions to be featured there.

Lastly and most importantly BIG shout-out and standing ovation goes to our community member @justinmy who is the main contributor/creator of the new Particle Windows developer SDKs and App. Thank you Justin! Amazing contribution it’s a pleasure working with you.
Feel free to direct Windows related technical questions to @justinmy.

Now, go build cool stuff on Windows!


-The Particle Team


Thanks @ido! :spark: Particle and I will be working hard to get these all the way up to where iOS and Android are and beyond. Look forward to great things!


Huge thanks to both of you @justinmy & @ido for driving this product forward! I know there are plenty of Windows developers out there who are very excited to be shown a happy path. Thanks for all the hard work and thorough collaboration! :clap:


Hello @justinmy
I use the library for my project and I can say it is excellent and has everything needed to easily develop application :smile:
Globally I’m satisfied with the library but would be better to do some optimizations for call function.
I noticed that call a function on a particle device is too slow compared to java script code.
Reading variable and also reading event is great.

Can you elaborate on too slow? When comparing curl commands to using the SDK, I haven’t seen anything off on times. Now if I’m on a slow connection like GPRS it’s slow, but nothing I can do there.

Yes I’m using Electron 2G. The problem is probably GPRS connection. For example through windows sdk sometimes it takes 5-6 seconds, and sometimes more to send the command.

What device/connection are you calling the SDK with? What method are using for comparison?

Testing for Java Script commands is simply by inspect-> network in Google Chrome. For the program in C# I do not use any particular method simply I noticed that there are delays sometimes with a delay of 10 seconds. I made some tests several times and noticed that the problem may be the speed of the internet connection. At the moment I do not know exactly where the problem is, whether it’s GPRS or on my laptop. Sometimes delays occur with JavaScript.
I will do again tests. But the problem is probably in the GPRS connection. In the coming days I will make a spark core testing to see if the problem is GPRS connection.