Particle 2.1 iOS app released


Particle 2.1 for iOS

Glad to announce Particle Tinker 2.1 iOS app is available to update/download in Apple Appstore.

Whats new


  • iOS 10 support
  • Tap a long variable result in device data inspector to read and copy full string
  • Design: “Dark matter” Particle theme / icon
  • Raspberry Pi support
  • New sign up screen fields
  • Authentication screens fixes
  • Skip welcome/get started screen if already logged in
  • Show setup device menu if device list is empty for new users


  • Set device name correctly after Photon setup
  • Variable types display
  • User messaging
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and reliability increases


Particle Tools Changelog
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Any status on an update for Android phones?


Loving the “Dark matter” theme.


I hope to get a major Android app+SDKs update out the door in the next 2 months. Apologies for the delay and iOS getting the spotlight for a while.


Will the Android update include a “Device Inspector” like the iOS version? (And any update on the release time?)


We are preparing to release Android app v1.7 which will fix many open issues, it will not include the device inspector feature yet - this will be added in v2.0. SDKs have already been updated.

The option to call function/read variables will soon be added to the web console too.


It’s live already :wink: