Not completely sure where to start

Hello, so I am looking to make a controller of sorts with the Particle Photon. My goal is to make the Photon be a stand along unit (meaning all the functionality will be held locally on the device). But to have a companion app built in C# that essentially acts as a remote, so it can send commands and live read outputs from the controller unit. I’m having a complete mental block on where to start to get the C# app to be able to communicate with the Photon in the way i desire. Any help would be huge! Thank you!

The way an app normally interacts with a Photon is through the cloud api to call functions, get variables, publish events, and subscribe to events. There are currently iOS (Objective-C and Swift) and Android SDK’s to let you do this, but if you want to use C#, you’ll have to write your own wrappers of the REST api’s. That shouldn’t be too hard, I’ve written my own Swift wrappers to control/monitor my devices.

There already is a Windows C# SDK available

Hmm… didn’t know that. I’m surprised that it has been not listed on the “Open Source” page, nor did it come up when I searched the forum (with C# and SDK as search terms).

It was a private contribution of @justinmy (thanks again for that :+1:)

And there was an announcement

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Oh thats awesome! I have no vlue how i havent found that before! Thank you!