Creating Windows 10 Apps for Photon

Ok so it seems I’m trying to dabble in something that hasn’t yet been done! I’m wanting to make Windows 10 apps to work with my Photon (I’m a Windows mobile user and far prefer it over Android etc).

I’ve been playing around with Visual Studio and have made a basic “hello world” app with a button - now I’m trying to figure out the code I need to use to get that button to send a command to my Photon. I’ve sent commands to my older Spark Core with HTML so pushing commands isn’t all that unknown to me. Hopefully this can be done with particle.publish now somehow.

Does anyone have any idea where to start with this? Thanks!

You might like to have a look in this thread
Sending command from Visual Studio 10

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Awesome! Thanks for the tip - it sounds like exactly what I’m after!