Particle DEV - no matches found [Solved]

Hi Guys

Pardon my silly problem. I am new to Photon, cant seem to find answers online too.

The problem is face is when I try to locate my Particle Photon on Dev, it says ‘No matches found’.

However, I am able to do it perfectly fine (can locate device and upload code and all) on the online build platform. So it should not be anything wrong with the device.

Am I missing out on anything here? I am using Window 10 if that helps

Have you logged in in Particle Dev :see_no_evil:?


Yes, I have logged into my account, if thats what it meant haha

Anyway. I managed to find out whats wrong. Apparently I have to unclaim my photon on Buid IDE, before it becomes available on the Dev… Thanks for helping tho!!

Huh? Never heard of that :confused:
If both are logged into the same account both IDEs have access (unless the accounts weren’t the same ;-))


Yea, that should not be the case. I’ve never had to do this to work with the same device on the Desktop IDE, Online IDE, and CLI program.