Who is the owner of my Photon?!?!?

Once I “particle device add [id]” on the CLI, It asks me to claim and ask for a of transfer ownership.
“particle list” does not list any devices.
My android sees the photon as online, it’s flashing Cyan, and can digitalWrite LED.
Online IDE cannot flash the code because “Error: No devices associated with your account.”

What is going on?

Did I register different users ? But I’m using the same email and same password to login

Try to log out of CLI, Build and your Android App and log in again with but not via stored credentials but by manually entering the credentials.
It’s most likely a typo when you logged into the Phone App.

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It’s working now. Do not ask me how I did though :smile:
But running “particle device add [ID]” is still asking me to transfer ownership.

Any idea how to solve this?

Just transfer it, this should do no harm - but make sure you are logged in correct in CLI (particle logout and particle login) before you do.

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That’s very clunky don’t you think. Now when I want to use online IDE, I will have to transfer it back, right?
Same for Android app?

Nope, if you have all three tools linked to the same account you wouldn’t have to.
Just be sure you are logged in exactly the same way on all of them (even all lower case in the mail address, no “funny” characters which might get encoded differently by each tool, …)

Well it didn’t work :sweat_smile:
I have logged out of particle CLI removed device and removed the device from the online IDE.

On IDE, I did add device and put the device ID and named it. Done
I go to terminal and login (with the same email and same password) and try something like "device add"
It asks me to claim it from so called another user.

I’m sorry to bother you, but can you teach me step by step how to logout of everything and then try to sync the IDE, CLI and APP to the same device. This is frustrating me to no end :triumph:

Why would you add it in CLI again when you’ve already added it in Build?

Web IDE: hit the : “log out” button.
CLI: particle logout
App: hit the “log out” button.

Then log in again, making sure you’re using the same credentials (watch out for typos!)


Particle Dev: Particle menu -> Log out [your@mail.adr]

You’ll find this LOG OUT in the settings drawer (gear icon - bottom left)

Thanks ScruffR. Thanks Moors7.

I logged in again to all three. But I can’t interact with the photon from CLI. Which is why I was adding the device again in the CLI.
“particle list” returns “no devices found”.
“particle get …” or "particle call … " returns a permission error

If I do add/claim it, I can do these commands though

Maybe it’s time to call in some Particle folks who can look at the logs for your devicees.
You’d need to send them your device IDs and maybe mail address for your account as PM.

Ping @Dave

BTW: Do you still see your device in Build after you logged in again?

Yes I can still my device upon logging in again.
pinging @Dave

Hey, MustafaAdam.

Shoot your email address and your device (or name or some way to identify it) to support@particle.io or via the support.particle.io.

I have a suspicion / hypothesis that you’ve got two accounts that are very similar and there might be a subtle bug in the login code that’s picking one over the other in certain cases (CLI vs. web).

We’ll help you get it sorted out.



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You guys were right :sweat_smile:
I made the mistake of entering two identical emails I have but with different providers.

It’s working perfectly. Thanks everyone especially @ScruffR for your patience

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