Cannot add device to WEB IDE

I have the same issue that is submitted at this link:

I logged out four times but I cannot yet add my device which is working OK with Tinker.
I am clicking on " Refresh device" but nothing happens.
If I click on ADD Device, it asks me for introduce my device ID and after that it tell me that the device has owner yet, who is myself !!! :slight_smile:

The common suspicion in such a case is that you have got two accounts with slightly different data.

You may need to PM @rickkas7 your device ID so he can look up which account it’s claimed to and assist you with transfering it to yourself.

BTW, if you have a working Particle mobile app and physical access to the device, you should be able to “force claim” a Photon that way too - at least this used to work.

Hi ScruffR

Thanks for your answer.

Please let me know the process to “Force claim” and from “where” I should do that process.

As said

The Particle mobile apps available via Google Play Store or the Apple App Store shoule be able to do that.