How can I determine what particle account a photon is attached to?

I successfully configured a photon using the command line client “particle setup” and the device is now breathing cyan. I take this to mean the photon is connected to the WIFI and is communicating with the cloud.

However, when I access my account, I don’t see the device listed. Similarly when I issue “particle list”, I only see my other photons.

This photon was previously being used by a co-worker and I wonder if it has accessed his account. Unfortunately, he is out of the country for a few weeks.

Is there a way to see what account a photon is using? For example, is there some additional switches to the “particle identify” command to get this information?



Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @tylercpeacock are you able to assist?


If you use the app, that should allow you to overwrite the ownership. Give that a shot? I don’t think there’s a way to find out who owns a device (for privacy reasons).

There is no way you can find the owner (email) from the device, for privacy reasons.

If you create a support ticket and include the device ID we can find out. We won’t tell you, however, for the same privacy reasons. However, the most common reason is a minor typo made from the mobile app, and in that case we’ll help you out.

Another option is to make sure you’re logged into the mobile app with the correct account. Then hold down the SETUP button on the Photon until it blinks dark blue and set it up again. This will transfer ownerships to the correct account. You will be warned that the device is already claimed, but it will probably allow you to proceed through and take control of the device immediately (as long as it was not part of a product creator product).


I was able to get in touch with my coworker and this photon does not show up on his account. Also I should clarify that on my account, the photon is listed by the correct name but it is ALWAYS offline. I thought this was a stale entry from the numerous attempts I made to get it installed properly.

I’ll get the device ID and send it in via a support ticket. BTW, when I did the ‘particle setup’ command, it appeared to work properly and the photon rebooted and started ‘breathing cyan’. I was not warned that the photon was already claimed by someone else.

Can you confirm that breathing cyan means the photon is ‘happy’, is accessing the WIFI network, and is communicating with the cloud?

If so, can you explain why that photon show up in my ‘particle list’ as offline? if it is breathing cyan, I expected it to show up as ‘online’.

Can you suggest anything else to recover this photon? Perhaps I should go through ‘particle setup’ again but use a different photon name… Your thoughts?

Thanks a million!

The code running on the device is capable of causing the inconsistency between breathing cyan and the cloud thinking the device is offline (e.g. by starving the system from controller time via blocking code).
So you could put the device into Safe Mode or flash a firmware that definetly does not block the communication and see whether the online state indicator does show the device online correctly.