PHOTON - verify device ownership

Hi, can someone help me with Photon. Everytime I want connect new Photon on network i failed because of Verifiy device ownership. How to solve this problem?

Hi @david.burcar -

First, welcome to the forum, I will try my best to assist. There are some really clever guys in here, so I am sure your problem will be resolved promptly.

Are you adding the ‘new’ Photon’s via the phone app? Have you managed to add any at all?


Hi, yes I am adding a new Photon via phone app. No i did not.

Hi @david.burcar -

Are you familiar with Particle devices at all? Can you maybe let me know what the colour of the LED is on the Photon currently?

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in this comprehensive post by @rickkas7

Let me know if you still have any problems after this.

Regards, Friedl.