Particle Dev P1 Compatibility (Windows)


I have a P1 device that shows up in Particle Dev, but am unable to flash anything to it. It appears with the name and ID, but with a grey “?” circle instead of a yellow Photon “P”.

Build succeeds, flashing starts, and the P1 flashes purple for about 3 minutes, after which it reboots and continues running the old firmware.

Just verifying the code with the P1 selected produces a “core___.bin” file, which seems to suggest that Particle Dev is cloud-compiling Particle Core file.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? Should I just build for Photon manually and load the firmware via the CLI?


Ping @suda

Hi @zz1, could you PM me your device id?

PM’d, thank you!

Thx @zz1! It looks like Dev isn’t supporting P1 yet. I’ve added issue on GitHub so it gets implemented. I would recommend using Build IDE until it is.

Thanks for following up! I’ll stick with Build for now then.

The latest Particle Dev works like a charm. Thank you, @suda!

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I’m happy to hear that! :slight_smile: