Code for P1 compiled, but core Binary file generated

I just started with P1 module. I wrote program and flash it in hardware using particle dev offline software. When I compile code, it generates binary file for core instead of P1, so it doesnt not work on my hardware. What could be the possible reason and how can i fix it? thank you

You need to select the P1 device in Dev before you build.

Menu: Particle -> Select device …

After that you should see an orange disc with P1 in it in the status bar at the bottom instead of a cyan disc with C in it (and possibly the test “No devices selected” next to it)


Thank you for the response. I actually have two P1 devices, one is working but other is not. I chose the one that is not working as you said but instead of P1, there is ‘?’ this sign with gray background to the left of the selected device that is not working. For other device it’s P1 and it works well.

That gray (?) is an indication that the device type in the cloud got lost - Ping @Dave
We might need your P1’s device ID. Can you PM me that, then I’ll forward that to Dave or whoever can help.

But you can still build for the other P1 and flash to the “unknown” one.

Hi @Arjun,

Feel free to PM me your device ID and I’ll check. If that other P1 is setup as a product, and you’ve selected ‘core’ as the platform for that product, that would explain why you’re getting a core binary, etc.