P1 Compiling and Flashing

Hi Community,

I have some problem starting with P1. I was using Photon to do some prototyping but now I am moving on to P1.

I always us Particle CLI working on Photon under Ubuntu 14.04 but it seems to be not working for P1. When I flash it, it seems fine (with the led indication) but there is nothing coming out from the particle serial monitor.

At the beginning, I thought there is something wrong with the particle serial monitor but I realized that it is actually still running tinker when logged into my web account. And if I flash something else from the Web Dev, P1 has been actually flashed.

There is very little materials could be found only about P1 but I thought it is the big brother of Photon (I quote) so it should be the same way with Photon…

So can I still use “particle compile photon devicename xxxx.cpp” and stuff like that any more?

Thank you very much!

How about using particle compile p1 instead of particle compile photon?

P1 is not a Photon


Yeah it works! Thx a lot.
But still I think this could be made clearer in the particle cli documents so that developers won’t take blind tryings.