Particle Flash command does not work on photon


I’ve run photon compile mine.ino
And then photon flash my-spark-core firmware_XXX.bin

My spark core properly runs the program. I then run photon flash my-photon firmware_XXX.bin, and my photon will not run the program.

Interestingly, photon flash my-photon mine.ino does work. So the photon won’t flash the binaries I have, but will properly execute the compile and flash in the same step.

What’s up? This seems like something is broken.

For reference: particle --version: 1.5.15

The current setup only allows compiling for the core using the CLI. particle compile is compiling a .bin file and have no clue which device it is for.

particle flash will upload the files and see which device you are choosing to compile against so it works well.

Ping @nexxy to review

@theicfire, do a npm update -g particle-cli to pull the latest update.

The syntax is:

particle compile core xxxx
particle compile photon xxxx


particle compile c xxxx
particle compile p xxxx



Fantastic, thanks!