Photon Not Receiving Firmware from Particle Dev Cloud Flash

In Particle Dev, when I click the compile and flash button (lightning bolt), my photon’s led flashes and looks like it updated but as far as I can tell, it’s just running the previous firmware (did not update code). However, I can compile through the cloud and then right click the local firmware file and click “Flash this file OTA”; this seems to work. I can also flash through the web IDE (I’ve only tried this with a blank project though). Why might this be happening; how can I fix this?

Hi @core16. I am only a newcomer here, so other more authoritative people may be better placed to help. But I had same problem with electron. This happened because I didnt connect to the correct device in Particle Dev. The compiler compiled the code but it turned out to be for a core (must be the default). When I flashed that it all looked OK at the electron (blinked as it should etc), but the electron code wasnt updated. It obviously decided not to load code for a Core. Once I connected to the electron from Particle Dev all was well. Not sure if that is relevant for your situation, but I thought I’d offer it.

If you have a (valid) .bin file in your project folder Dev will just flash that (when you only press flash) and not rebuild it first.
Either remove the bin file or press build first and then flash.