Thanks Particle!

May seem silly, but I just wanted to give thanks to the Particle team, and all the supportive members here.

I started out with the Photon and was so impressed with it that I moved onto P1 which I have started incorporating into our new products already. Some of these products don’t even use Wi-Fi, but since the ease of use and great features make it well worth using if if not needing Wi-Fi.

The only thing “I” think missing is a simple install GUI flash program that would allow us to search and click on our .bin file and flash it. This would be very handy to give to novice customers so if there were updates they could simply plug the unit into the USB, and I could send them the .bin file so they could flash it themselves.

Again, Thanks Particle for all your hard work in making such a great product, keep up the great work!!!


:slight_smile: Thank you so much for the kind words! They help keep a small team like us moving and motivated, so they’re greatly appreciated.

We have a GUI tool called Firmware Manager that allows you to easily update system firmware, and expanding functionality to include system firmware version targeting and .bin uploading are next steps that we’ve discussed internally.

Hopefully we’ll be able to add functionality that you find useful soon! We’ll broadcast updates in our Particle Tools Changelog


That is awesome news! But will Firmware Manager work with the Photon & P1 as well or is it only for the Electron ?

I believe it works for Photon, Electron (possibly P1)

I tried it on the P1 and it gave an error.

Any news on when the Firmware manage will support the P1 ?

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I’m surprised it doesn’t already work. The firmware manager has supported the P1 since its inception. What is the error message you are seeing?

When I connect the P1 it does indicate “P1 on COM3” but there are 2 issues. It is not the latest as it shows 0.6.0 when I am using 0.6.1. The second problem is that when I click “Update to 0.6.0” it just sits there it does not have that scrolling purple as i see in the images from the guide.

But the main thing that I think it needs to do is after it updates the firmware, it should than ask you for your .bin file to flash your software to it.