Great work on the photon

So my Photons arrived yesterday. I powered them up and without issue got them connected to my wifi network. I updated the firmware to the latest version.
Compiled my code (developed on the core) on the IDE and flashed it to my Photons. Apart from having to remove flashee-eeprom references it runs perfectly.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their fantastic work on this system. I can’t mention everyone by name as so many people have been so helpful, but I must mention one @mdma the work you have done and are doing on this is incredible.

Best regards


Thank you Clive for taking the time to tell us things are working well for you! That brings a big :smile: to my face and warmth in my :heartpulse:

Regarding flashee-eeprom - I will add support for the photon for code-compatibility today, atlhough since the photon doesn’t have the 2MByte SPI flash storage that the core had, flashee will instead provide persistence using the 2KByte emulated EEPROM. The P1 has 1MByte onboard external flash for anyone that needs larger amounts of persistent memory.

Cheers :smiley: