Firmware Manager, when it is gonna be serious

Particle, why does Firmware Manager for Windows, still stuck on 0.6.0 ? Shouldn’t this be at the most current stable build? Or better yet ask you what rev you want to load.

Now for my real question. What is taking you guys so long to make this a real useful tool ? I mean for production or common customers this would be so helpful to simply plug it in, have it update to the latest firmware, and then have it ask if we want to load our .bin file.

I hate to be hard here, but this is way long overdue.

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It was a useful tool.

Them not updating it forced me to learn how to use the CLI to do the updates and now I just default to that for Electron Firmware updates.

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You know what, you just gave me an idea for my next project. Particle Version Manager: a cli tool for flashing a specified system firmware version to a device, and a specified user firmware binary.

I’ll add the option for repetition.
(Disclaimer: this won’t be for Windows.)

It might have been useful when they were on 0.6.0, but not anymore. I know the command line and that is how I flash my stuff, but when you have the production floor or send demos to a customer it becomes a nightmare to teach them cli for non computer people. It would be far better to have this tool ask what firmware rev & .bin file to upload. that way I can just send the customer the .bin file.


ugh, now your just teasing me :wink:

That makes perfect sense.