Can't seen to update firmware

I have a kickstarter kit from 2 years ago I finally cracked open. It’s running 0.4.8.

The windows firmware updater locks up and disappears.

What is the best way to get this updated?

Via CLI particle update

The CLI Windows Installer can be found here

Assuming it's a Photon Kit and not an Electron (no idea what Kickstarter Kit you actually mean) then the easiest way would be to just flash a new application firmware targeted at Default (0.6.3) via Web IDE which will also upgrade the system.

Apologies, its an Electron .

I’ll try with CLI.

Let us know how it goes! v048 is the first rev of firmware for the Electron so updating the system firmware is definitely a good next step.

Were you able to set it up in the first place and configure it to connect to the Cloud?

Got it up to 0.6.4, so making progress. Slowly.