Particle update on Electron

When I attempt to compile my project using the IDE at, I get this message:
“This project is only compatible with Particle system firmware v0.5.3 or later. You will need to update the system firmware running on your Electron before you can flash this project to your device.”

When I use the Particle CLI to run Particle update, it runs without errors and reports that my device firmware has been updated, but the device still reports firmware version v0.5.1

I have also tried using the Windows-based firmware update tool, but it stalls and will not complete.

Can’t go forward; can’t go backward. What to do?

Have you checked to have the most recent version CLI (currently 1.21.0)

particle --version

Tried update. It crashed. Now reinstalling CLI.

Looks as if that worked. I now have CLI version 1.21.0 and Electron firmware 0.6.1.

Thanks for your help.

Now I just have to get my project to compile with the new firmware . . .

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