Electron in safe mode

Hello all,

I have an electron that I cannot physically access until Friday. Yesterday, I loaded a new version of my program using particle-cli, Now, It boot and goes in safe mode even when I try to reload a older version of my program that was working. I CAN load TINKER from the web IDE… No update on the CLI needed (Updating CLI… no plugins to update.)

Do you have a hint or should I use particle update / doctor when I will be on-site. Or could it

Thank a lot!


The CLI defaults to the latest firmware (probably 0.7.0) when you flashed your app.

There was an update to the new default frmware version yesterday.

You can update CLI to the latest version and perform a particle update via USB when you have access. :slight_smile:

Ok Thanks a lot for the help.

my device firmware is 0.6.4. How can I see the firmware that is used to compile my program? command: particle --version gives 1.29.0 …

How can I use the same version of my device firmware to compile the new version of my program? Do I really need to wait until I have physical access of the device to update the device firmware?

your help is really appreciated!


If not explcitly stated particle compile (1.29.0) will create a 0.7.0 firmware as default, but you can explicitly state the target version like this

particle compile electron . --target 0.6.4

If you run particle compile or particle compile --help you’d get this info

PS C:\Users\andyr> particle compile
Compile a source file, or directory using the cloud compiler
Usage: particle compile [options] <deviceType> [files...]

Global Options:
  -v, --verbose  Increases how much logging to display                                                                          [count]
  -q, --quiet    Decreases how much logging to display                                                                          [count]

  --target  The firmware version to compile against. Defaults to latest version, or version on device for cellular.
  --saveTo  Filename for the compiled binary

  particle compile photon                                  Compile the source code in the current directory in the cloud for a Photon
  particle compile electron project --saveTo electron.bin  Compile the source code in the project directory in the cloud for a Electron and save it to electron.bin

The part “Defaults to latest version, or version on device for cellular.” only applies when CLI already knows what device you are building for (e.g. particle flash <deviceID> <sourceFile.ino>)