Electron not updating to 0.6.1


Just wondering if anyone else has had the problem where the electron is only updating to 0.6.0 and not to 0.6.1 ?

I know that my update is working correctly as i was originally on 0.4.

Anyone else experiencing this ?


Which tool are you using to perform the update?

CLI - currently, should i be doing something else ?

Did you first update CLI before performing particle update to your electron?

Version 1.20.x should be the version containing v0.6.1 system binaries


I just re ran the the cli install to make sure.

still only 0.6.0

I assumed you did the following:

  1. particle --version says 1.20.1
  2. Placed the electron in DFU mode
  3. Ran particle update
  4. Placed the electron in Listening mode
  5. Ran particle serial identify and it says 0.6.0 for the system firmware
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I did everything there but i was looking for the version in the IDE

following that instruction i get


Ok for some reason it has taken a while to come through, It now says it is 0.6.1.
Someone online says it might take up to an hour to be recognized no idea why.

and no idea what the error is, but the IDE now says 0.6.1, so ill take that as a win (ish)


The most accurate way to check if the device is physically available would be particle serial identify.

I will need to ask the team on how the system firmware is updated on the :cloud: side and where the delay might be.

Glad you got it working!