Electron firmware upgrade

This morning i upgraded my electron. first to the 0.5.3 then after that was complete upgraded to 0.6.0 as the it was required to flash my code however after i completed this in my device list it still says (under my device is) that the firmware version is 0.4.8 and will not let me flash my code.

am i missing something


silly silly me refresh devices just caught my eye at the top of the page

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Try to put your device into the Listening Mode. Push the mode button for a few seconds until the led starts blinking blue. Connect USB and then try “particle identify” followed by “particle serial inspect”. This should reveal the current state of your device.

@benjiiiiuk Hey just wanted to check to see if you got this working? Thanks @gkujawsk for chiming in on this!

Yes I got it working. It was my fault I never clicked the refresh button to see the lastest version.