Newbie question re mouse and keyboard

I came across this community by accident and have some questions about the Photon capabilities. I’m coming from using Ardunio and Teensy boards.

So regarding the Photon board:

  1. Am I able to send keyboard and mouse commands to my windows PC to interact with a running windows app that I’d like to control with mouse clicks and keyboard hot keys?

  2. I read about doing cloud IDE development and updating my Photon boards. Does this mean that I can update my Photon code out in the field when I have an update? I am able to update all of my installations out in the field via wifi/internet? I’m not sure I am reading that correctly so I am asking for some clarification.


Hi @rfresh737, welcome to the community

Some people had a HID (human interface device aka keyboard/mouse) working on the older particle core, I dont think its ready on the Photon just yet. Do a search of the forums on HID and you should get a couple of hits. to get you started have a look at this one -

As for point 2 - its totally doable! you can use the WebIDE to write the code, you then click the device you want to send it to and click the flash button, 2 seconds later the device reboots and runs the new code. sometimes it has to update the main code which takes a little while but its all automatic. the only time you may have a problem is if you write bad code that stops the photon from accessing the cloud to get the update, but they thought of that too, so you can put the device in safe mode (but you need to access to the device)

I have cores and photons all over my house and i can update them all from my office easily. Get to know the cli tool too, it makes things easy