Photon GUI keyboard

Just to show many things are possible with the Photon.


Awesome! I liked the Particle logo at the beginning!

The 4DSystems LCD displays and the software that comes with it allow you to easily create or add Keyboards and fancy graphics and widgets to the display without much trouble these days which saves you a lot of programming time.

Did you code the keyboard on the actual Photon or does the LCD screen also have its own processor and memory which is creating the keyboard?

Being able to program in your Wifi Access Point and Password via the LCD screen sure is nice for an end user vs the other more involved methods.

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Yes, the 4DSystems does do that however they are so expensive they are hardly worth sticking in a project. IMHO anyway.
All the code is in the Photon, the LCD is just a generic SPI controlled device here.
There is a SPI flash part on the board that all the graphics and fonts are stored to. I made another app that allows you to take any image and upload it to the Photon which then stores it in the flash, then in your code you just call that location and tell it where to put it on the screen.

This other video here shows a bit more about that board.

I have other videos about how to upload the graphics, but I think that would just bore people.

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Just watched the video and much respect for the work it took to build that :spark:

I think it’s pretty cool that it shows a real image of the thumb scan. Does the fingerprint reader generate the image file on every read?

Thank you. Yes it does.