New Particle hardware?


I just hope this is not a tease withing a tease. Meaning, that when they do tell us what these are, they wont then say something like to be released 3’rd Qtr.


Some of the things you can see do seem interesting, all 3 seem to have the antennae connector on the underside beneath the USB - no room on top? It can’t be the only thing there.
They have the robust looking connector to the left which many are speculating is a “JST” battery type connector.
There’s a double row header to the right - JTAG or some kind of daugtherboard system?
The two on the left don’t have any clearly visibly shielding cans on the top side but there is a clearly visible IC of a size consistent with a 6*6mm QFN like the ESP32.
Perspective is a tricksy thing but the mobile variant looks like it might have the same dimensions/pins as the other two.
Not a symmetrical pinout - so not the same as either a Photon or an electron
Mounting holes - makes Dev modules in sockets more robust for deployment - nice.
Middle one maybe has a 2nd antenna socket - a with BT variant?


I’m hoping the Bluetooth is well documented and tested like the rest of Particles devices so I can hit the ground running with it considering I’ve never worked with Bluetooth in the past.

Pretty excited about low power Bluetooth the more I think about it. It’s an easy way to add local communication between devices.


Yes, conceptually, the product I have been working on is the first of what could be a family of connected products, a BT “hub” or master controller would tie it all together nicely.


One more sleep until all is revealed :roll_eyes: I WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP!!!


@Peekay123 I figured you already have all 3 units on your desk and have been pre-testing this stuff on behalf of Particle.


@RWB, nope. Wish I was though!


ha ha, you are killing me with this countdown!!! :baby:


I must be mental. I must have looked at that photo 50 times now. Every time hoping it will be different and I will be able to make something out. Gotta hand it to them, its the perfect shot to keep it concealed just enough until the big day.


I’m just glad I have not finalized a few designs by now and have time to add these with their new features into what I’m working on.

I’m most excited about Bluetooth image

Are you going to start checking the web soon as the clock strikes Midnight :smile:


I getting more nervous than excited right now. I am fearing disappointment, Im concerned its the same core, just added more things to it.


LOL :smile:

It’s the ESP products they hired people to help work on, that makes the most sense.

They just got another 3 million in funding so they shouldn’t need to do a Kickstarter.

It will all be OK :wink:

Get ya some Beer, a Joint, and take a Xanax and after you pass out and then wake up it will all be revealed :smile:

12 hours or so to go! :spark:


LOL! It feels like ebay waiting on that last few moments of an auction before you bid.


Sweet hot mama, they just revealed more, is that the top part of a ESP logo i see there!!!
Please be the ESP32, and not the ESP8266.


:eye: :spy:

STM32 JTAG access…



@seulater, where did you get those pics???



What is this symbol for?



IPv6 Thread meshing?


The one on the left looks more like an ESP8266. (8 pins)

I wonder what the one on the right is though. There is a possibility that it is an ESP32. (I hope.)

And where did you get that image? I can’t find it with reverse image search.


good sleuthing. It may be too soon to show up on the reverse image search index.