New Particle hardware?


I’m going to bet Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Since the board on the left is an ESP8266 I think the board on the right is an ESP32.


Yea, they are not leaving out the ESP32 so it’s just a custom icon they used for that combo.


@seulater As he starts to think the ESP32 is not included in the new product mix :slight_smile:


Particle has now put a higher res image for their twitter banner.

Using the banner and the image @seulater posted I can observe several things.

Left (of the banner):

  • This is the one with the triple hexagon “mesh” logo.
  • It doesn’t appear to have an ESP8266.
  • There is a chip on the lower portion of the board that isn’t visible in the picture @seulater posted.

Middle (of the banner):

  • This is the one with the Wi-Fi symbol.
  • There is likely an ESP8266 in the middle of the board.
  • There appears to be an extra antenna at the bottom that the “mesh” board doesn’t have.

Right (of the banner):

  • This is the cellular one.
  • There is only a Ublox on the board.

I’m dying of suspense.

I’m also quite certain all of these boards are feather compatible.
Maybe the ESP32 is on the underside of the left board?


Waiting in suspense as well to see Particle’s hardware path for meshing… They’ve been tight lipped and I’ve not gotten any hints of likely radio candidates (Digi, for example). I’ve asked pointed questions at both Re:invent and CES.


The ESP32 could fit down there. Man that’s a tight fit :slight_smile:


I’m looking at feathers right now too. :smile:

If particle went for the bare chip for the ESP8266 one I bet they would also use a bare chip for the ESP32, which would fit better.


I didn’t even know the ESP32 came in that format. Yea that makes more sense.


Hmm, bare chip would be a step backward for product makers who depend on Particle to go through FCC and offer modules.

All of this speculation is really helpful and fun, but I am concerned as none of these products appear to product-friendly? I am not seeing a P1-replacement of sorts. Am I missing something or just expecting differently?


Maybe that will come later?



But I wonder what that other chip on the top of the board is. (Above the antennas and below the ESP8266.)

I’m going to bet that it’s not the serial to usb chip, which is likely on the underside of all three boards.


I’m wondering the same thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It wouldn’t be the ESP32, would it? Because I don’t see a reason for putting an ESP8266 and an ESP32 on one board.


Yea that makes no sense. No idea what that chip would be, it’s a decent sized chip too.


Maybe it’s the serial chip? I can’t tell because it’s too friggin’ blurry.


The Adafruit version requires one so that makes sense as to why both boards would need them.

But I figured it would be closer to the USB port.


Yeah, and the chip in the banner looks bigger than an ESP8266, so I’m very confused.


Maybe that chip is the Flux Capacitor?


Particle needs to lock down their servers better, there is an open port. :grin: