Any new hardware on the horizon?

Are there any new hardware modules in the works, such as a Photon2 with more ram, flash & maybe even Bluetooth along with the Wi-Fi ?

Just curious…

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The E-series is the newest device that will be shipping out next month.


I per-ordered the E-Series and have and no one at particle knows when it will be shipped. I was told mid October, here we are Oct. 17 and no word on the shipping. Also particle support keeps tell me that the schematic will be able every week I ask, still not sign of the schematic. Very frustrating!

I am asking a colleague and will get this information to you asap.


Any word on the shipping of the E Series for pre-ordered customers?

Any word on the release of the schematics for the E Series evaluation kit?

It’s going on a month passed the original due date!

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@will ???

A colleague just informed me that, they we are planning to start having them ship next week.

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A 3G + WiFi would be great!!

E Series Hardware has already begun shipping. Everyone who preordered E Series hardware will receive an email with instructions and links to documentation tomorrow morning.


We are absolutely scheming up new hardware and are very excited to share our plans as soon as we can. We’re looking forward to the next evolution of the Particle development experience!


Tell me more! How would you use cellular + Wi-Fi?

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When you are in range of WiFi, you will choose wifi over cellular…

For instance a car tracker. When you arrive home you can send detailed logs of the travelings you made… And when you are on cellular you can send small amounts of data to preserve data… Say a resolution of one position every 10 minutes… And when you arrive home you detect wifi connection and dump the high res logs to the server.

A panic button… When pressed if there is no wifi, will use 3g.

Etc, etc, etc.

I could imagine connecting several devices with bluetooth or wifi without 3g (clients) to a network and then sending the measurement results of these devices to an electron (master) to the Inetrnet. So Electron with Bluetooth and / or Wifi could be useful.

I’d use GSM + WiFi too. I have to pot all of my electronics semi-permanently for ocean submersion. It would be hugely advantageous to use WiFi for calibrations and other in-house tests and cellular for deployments only since I can’t access the USB connector once it’s potted.


I’m building a product now and I’m struggling with choosing the Photon or the Electron but ideally would like to have both communication options without needing to choose one or the other WiFi or Cellular.

I love that the Electron and E0 have more pins compared to the Photon and I need those extra pins for this product line.

So having cellular + wifi on one board with all the extra pins the electron provides would allow me to integrate one processor with both Wifi and Cellular options. Cellular can only be activated if the client needs that feature but at least it’s there if needed or wanted.

Bluetooth on the same board would also be nice if you guys can streamline the process of getting data from a web-connected phone or tablet that the Bluetooth connects to so that it can use the phone or tablet net connection to send data to the particle cloud. But that would just be icing on the cake and is not really in line with your core Wifi and Cellular competency that you guys have been working on for years now.


I also like Bluetooth le idea… I am more inclined for WiFi and 3g… but if possible BLE Would be great. Imagine a security system where you would allow access to known registered phones using blue tooth. And program new accesses or ring an alarm via WiFi… and if all fails use 3G for alarm.


Are there any plans to develop hardware the new LTE CAT-M1 communication standard?
I am excited to see it’s deployment in the Particle ecosystem! :smile:

Still holding my breath for particle-cloud-ready ethernet for industrial applications.


As much as I would love to give everything away on the forums right now, I think it’s better to wait for the formal announcement :wink:

I can say that the direction that we’ve taken for hardware development is in direct response to much of the feedback we’ve heard in the community over the last 1-2 years. A big thank you for providing so many thoughts on what you’d like to see Particle tackle in the future.