Electron Availability - 3G and E series

I see that there is no stock currently for the 3G Electron. While I don’t need any immediately, I wanted to see if there was an obsolescence issue before I spun a new PCB.

Also, is it possible to buy the E-series in a board-only (no kit) format? Can I phone such an order in?



No obsolescence but manufacturing bottle neck.
E-series modules will be available seperately too - at least with bulk orders

Thx! Any chance of getting a response from Particle official on this? I have tried calling to no avail.

Hey folks – the shortages for the 3G Electron units are not related to obsolescence but to shortages around ST MCUs on board the Electron. Any availability of one variant over the other is a side-effect of stocking and inventory, not a commentary on future support.


Thanks, Will.

Any info on purchasing the E series as PCB-only in low-volume? From the store it appears that I can only buy in conjunction with a dev board. I have tried calling and emailing with no answer.