When will 3G US/Aus Electrons become available again?

Does anyone have info on when new Electrons will become available in the store (or anywhere, for that matter)? I started a new commercial product and will be buying in bulk eventually but just need a couple for my engineers ASAP. Thanks!

I apologize for the item being out of stock. There was a manufacturing issue and it’s been delayed until December with shipping around the first of the year.

If you are needing it before than, you can place an order via one of our distributors.

Kyle @ Particle

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Thanks for getting back to me right away, @KyleG. I was able to pick a couple up when a few ended up in stock again yesterday.

Any info on the E-Series ship dates? Can’t wait to test them!!

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The E series will be shipping early-mid November. You will be receiving shipping information when it gets closer to that date.

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