Electron out of stock, any information?

Anyone have any information about Electron stock and when they will be available again?

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Did you check the international suppliers?

Yes, they’re all out of stock for the US.

@KyleG should have insights of the stock status.

I apologize for the item being out of stock. There was a manufacturing issue and it’s been delayed until December with shipping around the first of the year.


Any more news on this? I notice for Americas/Aus 3G Electrons the lead time shows up at 3-4 months…will it really take that long still?

Unfortunately we are still looking at the same time frame for it to come back into stock.

@KyleG What is the stock looking like on the E0 Electrons?

Right now we have a good amount in stock!

Hi, in case anyone’s wondering:

I called with someone from Particle, who mentioned that orders through their Wholesale Store of less than 25 Particle units will ship out on December 31. Anything over 25 goes on January 31. Much better than the 12-16 week lead time! I ordered 20, and got a confirmation that it indeed will be in-stock and shipped on December 31 :slight_smile:

By the way, this applies to the Electron 3G Americas/Aus product…I don’t know anything about any other products including their trays of 50…also, I assume once all of their Electrons get back-ordered, it may default to January 31 for all orders so you might want to be quick :smiley:

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They are back in stock!

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It looks like the lead time on trays of 50 US 3G Electrons is 12-16 weeks. Is this the new standard? Or is this just a temporary thing until stock is replenished?

The US Electrons are Sold Out again. Any idea when these will be back in stock?

Need another electrons. Tips: Get Raspberry Pi Zero W and install Particle.

So the Pi Zero has Cellular now :speak_no_evil:?