Long lead times for Particle hardware

As a small company, having developed a first new product based on B523, we are still trying to figure out the impact, among other things I thought intelligent OTA was set free and available now?

We will likely get the first order next week from a major customer, of 100-150 units, and now the lead time on modules B523 and B524 (and other modules) is now shockingly 56 weeks !?!

I have never seen that before, unless a company was going out of business or just EOL’ed the product.

So I am very excited to learn from anyones experience, if this is normal for Particle.io, or it is just “a phase”?


The lead times are unfortunately a result of Covid’s long-term impact on the global supply chain. It’s not specific to Particle and the supply team is working with the spot market to ensure supply as much as possible.

Keep an eye on the link below for up to date estimates.


As a follow-up on IOTA.
It is indeed coming to the free tier, but the date has not yet been set.

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There is no P0 listed in the above linked document.

How is supply for the P0?


And B524 is also not listed. What is the supply situation for this module?

And what about the Electron 3G E270 (Eur/Asia/Afr)? This is not listed, nor can I find it in the online store (except as Sensor Kit 3G).

@volker The P0 is listed as the P0REEL SKU, which is only available wholesale or for enterprise customers. All current stock is on allocation. I’ve asked for lead time estimates.

@thrmttnw BRN524 will be added soon. It’s the new EtherSIM SKU for the Boron.

@sestefan the replacement SKU is the ELC314. It’s not on the list just yet (EtherSIM SKU) The current inventory is on allocation as well.

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The P0 is currently in stock on the retail store.

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