Boron lead time 56 weeks!

The Particle store notes that if you order a Boron now it will be delivered in 56 weeks (1 year and 1 month!). I assume it’s a supply chain problem, but could be other factors. I was hoping to use a Boron in a new product but I can’t wait a year to get Borons. I asked Sales for more info, no reply yet. Would be nice if Particle commented on this.

Hi there,

The 56 weeks lead time is unfortunately correct. The overall supply chain is severely constrained at the moment.
The Particle team are doing their best to bring these numbers down.

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those are brutal news.
In case it helps, there could be a chance that some community members have (few) borons for sale (maybe if only to help?) if you want to go ahead and prototype your product while waiting for the borons to come back in stock.
If that can fly in your situation, feel free to create a post asking around…

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@no1089 thanks for confirming. I’m glad Particle is giving us the worst case so we can adjust our plans. My guess is the global supply chains will get better over the coming months and the Boron lead time will shorten. It would be nice if Particle provided more detailed info and semi-regular updates on lead time changes to help us plan product development.

@gusgonnet I can manage with Boron kits (which are still in stock) for development and perhaps for beta testing.

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I’m sorry that I had to be the bearer of bad news in this instance. I would suggest keeping an eye on for the latest lead times. On Allocation indicates that Particle’s contractual obligations will be met first before stock is released to the store

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@no1089 thank you for the link to the lead time updates.

I have 8 BORON 2G/3G IoT Development Kits for Sale, new in the box. Let me know if you are interested. Bought them for a project that didn’t materialize.

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I have 10 “Boron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm)” (pre ethersim) new in the box squired away if anyone needs them.

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