B404X Delivery Timeline Update

Hey Everyone-

Back in May Particle announced our new B-series devices as part of our supply secure line. I’m thrilled to announce that preorders for the Boron 404x/B-series devices are now live and shipping is estimated in November 2022.

You can order the Boron itself here and the starter kit here.

For more information on the Boron 404x, check out the datasheet or ask in this thread!


Is there a firm date yet?

Thank you

The B404X is now available for sale in the retail store.

Shipping is still set for November but the precise date depends on when you placed your pre-order.

I placed it today. When should I expect it to ship?
Thank you

You should expect it to ship in 2-4 weeks. You will receive more info as it prepares for shipping.

Thanks for the reply. Frustrating as it is. I needed them 4 months ago. Now it will be up to a month before I can even get my hands on one to test it and be sure it works before I will order more. Who knows how long the second order will take assuming everything works out of the box. Very frustrating

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@Colleen Perhaps a better question to ask is when can your customers expect to be able to order on demand without a 2-4 week back order?


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Noted, thank you. This will not work in my device unfortunately.

I understand the frustration. The silicon shortage and subsequent supply chain issues have been very difficult to deal with for everyone and you’ve been waiting a long time. However, the 404x once available will not face the same availability issues past devices.

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