B404X Availability

When will the B404X be available? Is there a reservation list I can sign up for?

The B404X is planned for general availability in October 2022.

Limited samples will be available for enterprise customers in September, contact your account executive for availability.

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Any indication if it’ll be on allocation right away out of the gate or since it’s “supply secure” it will be available for near immediate shipment?

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So now its pushed back to October? It was originally supposed to be general availability in August? Is this now the official timeline or is it subject to change? I also thought the enterprise customers already had access to them? I am sure I am not the only one waiting for them.

Samples and Availability

The majority of Particle’s Supply Secure modules and products will be available as engineering samples in Q2 and mass manufacturing in Q3 and Q4 2022.

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Enterprise customers do not currently have B404X samples and will not get them until late August. That is the current timeline. It’s not expected to change, but there is no way to guarantee that it won’t possibly change.

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Noted. Thank you for the reply.

From the product codes it’s not clear to me if there will be a new version of the 2g/3g Boron that can be used in Europe. The current / old one seems to be out of stock in every webshop that I have used to buy my Particle hardware in the past.

Is there new hardware coming, should I wait for the current model to be back in stock or is the product discontinued?

There is no replacement model for the Boron 2G/3G (BRN310 and BRN314) at this time.

The problem is that the LTE Cat 1 with 2G/3G fallback cellular modem used on the B Series SoM B523/B524 is physically too large to fit on the Boron BRN310/BRN314.

Thanks for your reply. Disappointing that there will be no cellular option for Europe. Hopefully this will change at some point in the future.

@rickkas7 any update on the availability timeline? Man I need some 404x.

Aspiring Enterprise Customer (who might not make it if I can’t get some hardware soon!)

Thank you

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Still late September 2022 for general availability of the B404X.


Thank you for the reply

Will the 404x be available in any options other than the tray of 50? Thats all thats listed in the wholesale site right now.

Yes, once generally available, the B404X will be available as B404XMEA (single unit) in both retail and wholesale stores. The tray B404XMTY will only be available wholesale.

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