E404X availability?

When is the E404X expected to be released?

Currently, early access samples in November 2022, and general availability in December 2022 for the E404XTRAY50.

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Thank you Rick. I have 37 of the 402’s still in the wrappers. Trying to decide what to do with our project. We were beginning to do field installs which were going to be our examples for marketing. I had not paid attention to the status of the E0’s for a long while. I just figured Particle would be able to resolve the supply chain issues eventually. Was Particle ever able to supply E0 modules steadily during its short product life?


Yes, the E402 was delivered in quantity. However, when units are manufactured, the bulk of them go to enterprise customers who have a guaranteed contract to purchase a certain number of units. The remainder after satisfying those requirements are what are available in the self-serve store. This was especially true of the E402 which skews to enterprise users.

The reason for the transition to the E404X is a different reason: The main MCU in the E series modules, the STM32F205, is no longer available. Also, the cellular modem, the u-blox SARA-R410M is no longer available. The solution was to create the E404X which is essentially a BRN404X in an E series form-factor.

Thank you, Rick, for explaining this. Is the BRN404X functionally about the same as the E404X? Does it have any more I/O? I would prefer a plug in module over the solder-in embedded E form-factor. I am barely able to make our product functions work with the 404X with its reduced pin functions. Last night I went through the migration pdf and worked on a plan to transfer the pin functions. Formerly, I had to switch from the Electron plug in module to the E0 because of the lower temperature specifications of the Electron. My product operates in environments that can reach 170 degrees. I found out this the hard way. The E0 could reach 167F. I understand the E404X is safe up to 185 F. That will be good.

Will we be able to wake up the E404x with an input signal to the blue tooth communications? This would be very important to me. That way, a cell phone app could wake up the device.